Dealing with Networking Issues in Kubernetes

Today, we’re opening common networking issues within Kubernetes. Let’s take a look at what Kubernetes Networking is dealing with, to specific issues within K8s. And solutions too.

We also are taking a look at Container to Container, Pod to Pod, and External to Services Networking!

Issue #74

First and foremost, it’s important to understand Kubernetes networking. This article dives into DNS, Communication, and Networking Model, a great start to understanding K8s networking in depth.

This link will take you to explore the four areas of Networking that Kubernetes struggles to resolve. It also introduces the Kubernetes Network Model and how to implement it in your own clusters.

The main issue with pod to pod networking is that it isn’t supported with CNI plug-ins. This makes it somewhat difficult for pod to pod communication, but there are a few solutions that can help with this.

Normally, containers can only communicate with other containers if they are on the same machine, but this makes it difficult to communicate across nodes. The solution? Dynamically allocated ports.

An Ingress Network may be what you’re looking for with connecting externally to services. It supports external to service connection in a powerful way.

Included here are even more container to container communication. It also takes a deeper look into shared volumes in a pod and inter-process communication.

@b0rk created a visual comic on Kubernetes Networking problems that also exist. She gives a few problems listed and how to recognize these failures.