Diving into Kubernetes, Docker, and Kustomize

Kubernetes has many things to offer when diving into it as a beginner. This week we look at a few in-depth Kubernetes related posts that include the environment, Docker, and Kustomize.

This week we also take a look into practicing with Kubernetes.

Issue #72

This is a great introduction into Kustomize, a command line tool built off kubectl. It’s also a really great place to look if you’re lost on the terminology of Kubernetes.

Docker is a great platform for Kubernetes. It comes pre-packaged with some Kubernetes stuff in there that is super helpful!

A quick introduction to what is Docker and what is Kubernetes and how they interact with each other.

An in depth and beginner friendly overview of building a Kubernetes app using Kustomize. It comes with plenty of photos and simple instructions to follow along.

Some tutorials on using Docker environment with Kubernetes for the first time. There are also more mini lessons on this website, all related to Kubernetes!

Exploring Kustomize and Kubectl with Kubernetes is searched in depth with this article. It goes through a demo of staging, production, and dealing with multi-environments. A great read!

Ah - all these Docker perks!