Learning Kubernetes for the First Time

Entering the world of Kubernetes can be a bit scary at first, but hold on, buckle your seatbelt in and don’t be worried! Learning this open source software is quite interesting. This week we look at some posts that introduce Kubernetes and addresses the who, what, where, and why.

Issue #71

This gives a great explanation of the basics of Kubernetes. It’s a great starting point of understanding containers, pods, and deployment.

With this article, Kubernetes is dived in deeper than before. This container deployment is divided among Pros and Cons and how they can work together for efficient deployment.

Quick and concise definitions of Service, Node, and more. This is a great resource if you’re lost on the language.

Docker, Starting deployment, a look at how to use Kubernetes for the first time.

This goes into depth with setting up your first Deployment with DigitalOcean. Lots of diagrams and pictures that illustrate what’s going on at every stage, worth the read!

Looking for some practice with Kubernetes? This awesome site (and totally free) gives practice with this system along with instructions. Have a look!

My thoughts exactly!