Looks like security again Kubernetes

It’s amazing how much security content is produced in an around Kubernetes. This week we look at a few security-related posts but it's interesting to stop and consider where Kubernetes is in terms of supporting highly secure development workflows and production operations.

This week we also have a look at the ClusterAPI, Tooling and HAProxy 2!

Issue #70

The ClusterAPI is a fantastic thing, declarative bootstrapping and cluster infrastructure management. Super cool to see it in action here - check out those machine resources.

Kubernetes tooling universe is getting bigger! These composable tools are designed in the unix style checkout out how they can work together to amp up your Kubernetes workflow.

Ambassador releases an identity aware proxy! For those of you using ZeroTrust or working on Oauth/OIDC check it out!

Basically an overview of why kubernetes security is hard and what to do about it.

Mutating admission webhooks, Validating admission webhooks, a look at how to play with admission events in Kubernetes.

Some big news this week is the release of HAProxy 2.0 - which brings tons of proxy and ingress features to Kubernetes. Have a look at this very detailed overview of what you can do that's new.

Hahahah neat!