Welcome to the new Kube

This week we talk about security (pod security policies, TLS, honeypots), what’s new in the Kube with 1.15, and Apple joining the CNCF

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Issue #69

Kubernetes 1.15 is here. As far as fancy stuff goes the highlights are work on the container storage interface and getting custom resource definitions ready for GA in the next couple releases. Read more about it here.

Apple’s been contributing to OSS recently and finally joins the CNCF as an end user! The question is what kind of impact will they have?

One cool thing about this is they are running Moodle on k8s! Great walkthrough of deciding how to support TLS on your Kubernetes services.

Neat idea on how to deploy a honeypot in your cluster!

How can I control the access and privileges of my containers: pod security policy.