Failure, Permissions, and Recovery

This week we bring you articles on Kubernetes failure stories, managing permissions, and recovering from disasters with a few more goodies herein.

Issue #68

Super cool list of technologies involved and impact on this collection of failure stories. This list would be cool with some root cause information as well.

MetalLB solves the external traffic problem for k8s services not using cloud platforms. Have a look at how to set it up here.

An overview of RBAC in Kubernetes and the rational of being conservative with your permissions, check it out!

If you haven’t already read through this insightful AMA, we’d highly recommend. Lots of great things on Kubernetes past, present, future.

A lovely detailed walkthrough of doing backup and disaster recovery with Velero. Highly recommend this one if you are just getting into Velero.

A look at gitops within the context of pull-based gitops vs. push-based gitops.

Wow 5 years already - neat timeline here