Kube Sprawl Edition

Kube sprawl is an interesting one, what incentivizes folks creating more and more clusters with more and more config on and on and on to power their Kubernetes journey? Some say it tenancy, Some say performance, read here to find out more.

This week we look at Kube sprawl, configurable HPA, Multi-Cloud clusters, Kube testing, and more.

Issue #67

How to address the need for faster scale up / scale down on the horizontal pod autoscaler? Build your own. Would be neat to see this apply for custom metrics!

Multicloud is hard - Pipeline makes it easier-ish. Cool demo running CockroachDB on aws and gke!

A Lab on doing HPA on CPU. Maybe part V will be autoscaling on custom metrics? Or the VPA?

Have you got hard to catch Kube bugs and edge cases? Use litmus to find and define tests for that evoke undesirable behaviour for fun!

This just in: VMs used to fight Kubesprawl.

A simple tool for an annoying problem of those large out of date kubeconfig files.

Works for us!