Kubecon EU Recap

Lots of cool outcomes from Kubecon EU: OpenTelemetry, Service Mesh Interface, ect.

We’ve collected a few recaps and some more around service meshes, the kube future, secrets, and scaling!

Issue #66

A follow-along lab for learning how to scale in Kubernetes!

Want to know what Kubecon EU was all about? Read this!

Pretty good overview of the things we need to think about when building a comprehensive platform.

Deep dive into Istio’s components: sidecar, mixer, pilot, citadel!

Make multi-cluster development and operations on Kubernetes easy!

Chris explains simple string based secrets in Kubernetes.

It’s simple really, you just have to create a txt file that is base64 encoded and then encode it again and write a secret manifest and then encode that all as base64 and then mount it on your resource using base64 --kubernetes-mount-special.