Kubecon Europe edition

Actually not much in the way of spectacular content coming out of Kubecon yet - so maybe this is a part 1 of x.

Valero 1.0, Helm 3.0, Rook 1.0, OpenTelemetry!

Let's dive in and see what came out of Kubecon Europe and more!

Thank you to @CormacJHogan for your stateful take on things 😁.

Issue #65

Service meshes make networks smarter. But there are so many, is there a standard that we can stick to in order to build on top of multiple ones reliably? Yes - read here.

Last week we featured Valence and what it was. This week feature how to get started with Valence. Check it out!

Oooo this is neat! Why? Sometimes you want to do some graphic or stats over a metric and prometheus isn’t the best place for it 😉

Kube FaaS for shell scripts! Not really, but super useful if you have a wide variety bashy scripts for operations that you want to run from hooks.

Ahh Knative, it’s not just serverless - it’s also a whole opinionated framework on building lightweight applications including functions and “serverless containers” support.

Good intro to monitoring in Kubernetes in general and the use case for Thanos on top of prometheus.

Neat! A FAQ for Operators, a pretty good one too - we’ve heard most if not all of these before for sure.

Kubernetes at the edge: 😮