'twas the week before Kubecon edition

Wonderful week in Kubernetes world on the eve of Kubecon Europe.

Hopefully, the following articles about newtype autoscaling, HA clusters, PKS, istio, and more get you super excited.

Read below!

Issue #64

Bidirectional Pod Autoscaling! Declarative Performance! Service Level Objective Manifests! Machine Learning! This is really cool - check it out.

Way to go Packet - not everything is about Managed Kubernetes.

Declarative highly available Kubernetes clusters? What more could you want?

Not a lot is written about PKS. Cool look on how to hack their add-ons for bootstrapping a PKS cluster.

Istio: Handlers, instances, rules - What are they? How do you use them? Also cool look at Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline.

Though Ingress resources are native to Kubernetes, Kubernetes doesn’t ship with a controller for them: Here is how to pick one.

Why build a full ML pipeline on Kubernetes? Read here.

Does this make managed Kubernetes a coloring page?