This week there is hype!

Welcome welcome to an exciting week in Kubernetes.

Notably, the continued hype of k3s and the release of Kubernetes Based Event Driven Autoscaling are quite exciting developments in the Kube community. This week we check up on those, get into some questions on YAML dependencies, Networking / Service Meshes, and more.

Read on!

Issue #63

Is there really no tool for static analysis of YAML for dependencies! Nice overview of tools that can visualize cluster dependency and traffic flow.

Subtitle for this article should be: How to decide on a service mesh 101.

Kube networking 101 - great dive into fundamental concepts.

What to keep following the k3s hype train? Read more here. K3d looks really great.

KEDA was released this week! It’s fantastic. Read this detailed walk through of how it can be used.

Hightower’s law: all infrastructure overtime will eventually converge to a (form of) Kubernetes.