It is Kubecon month!

Hello, aren’t you excited that it is Kubecon Europe month?

This week we will pump you up with articles covering monitoring, resources, secrets, logging and more! Take your pick and really dig in to an area of the Kube that you find fascinating.

Issue #62

Nice overview on how to configure the Kubelet for resource control thanks Kashif!

Fun times figuring out why pods get OOMKilled

Valero (nee Ark) is fantastic - Read here to find out about not only using Valero for backups but also migrations!

Great overview of the different grafana dashes for Kube. It can be hard to know what’s good for monitoring from all the great dashboards out there.

Lots of people want to know: “How do I manage my secrets in Kubernetes” - Read here about how to do it with Vault.

Managing logs with fluentd - what does it look like? Read here.

Neat load testing tool that works well with kubectl!

Really disappointed this was a joke.