The gr8 K8 issue

This week we return to regular schedule programming. An awesome week in Kubernetes land. The world of k8s is moving along. We found some juicy articles that you will want to sink your teeth in: Ingresses, Operating Systems, Migrations, and A N T H O S. Enjoy!

Issue #61

A little cheat sheet for a little Kubernetes. 👌 Alias these.

Hey this is so cool for the Edge. Also the idea of maintaining the underlying OS and the distro that runs on it together is nice. Can’t wait to see Rancher 2.x as fleet manger.

Some nice wisdom about how to select worker pools for different workloads. Plus a great use case for Envoy. Good job Tinder folks.

Curious about Anthos? So are we. Highlights are On-prem, Migrate tool, Istio, and a slick looking config mgmt tool.

It's super important to know how you are going to (even by default) load balance and the trade offs therein.

Woah woah woah, those response transformations are cool! Learn more about ingresses and how to use them with and without templating!

Learn you a kubernetes using a Digital Ocean. Nice comprehensive tutorial from your first cluster to your first ingress 😊

This is kinda beautiful - what book is this from?