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Welcome to the sixth issue of kubelist! This week we've got a virtual loot crate of links: new project announcements, some meaty blog posts, and another reminder that you need to stop sarcastically posting about "M$" on slashdot. kubelist — it's like NatureBox for your mind!

Issue #6

The kubelist editors consider themselves to be armchair analysts. We are bullish on Kubernetes being the de facto base on which the coming generation of distributed systems is built. That's why Agones excites us. It's a special purpose, focused way to create instanced game servers, taking advantage of what Kubernetes has to offer to do it. We expect to see similar projects and products appearing over the next year.

Fitting for our armchair analyst persona, we chose a link on a DOT BIZ domain. You may also wish the read the announcement on Google's blog, which includes more details and talks about CRDs.

On the Manifold blog, Jelmer Snoeck describes migrating a system to Kubernetes. This post includes some great explanations of high availability challenges, coupled with amazing diagrams. One of the kubelist editors has been trying to print out the diagrams as posters, but keeps getting confused when the pictures don't move like they do in this article.

Disclaimer: The kubelist editors know the author and illustrator of this article. We'd still include it if we didn't!

This latest addition to the classic Friday the 13th series of American slasher build systems takes place in the far future aboard a Kubernetes cluster. Humanity is now Cloud Native after their servers became too polluted by half-installed RPMs and stray JARs.

In a shocking twist, after Jenkins is defeated, the self-healing capabilities of Kubernetes kick in, and rebuild Jenkins into Uber Jenkins!

Jessie Frazelle covers how she built img. This post covers plenty of history and the technical hurdles that make building a container inside another container so hard. At kubelist, we love happy endings, so it's great to see so much of Jessie's work on this get merged upstream. We also love Papa John's, so as far as we're concerned, this post is the garlic dipping sauce of container blog posts.

Microsoft is that annoying neighbor you had in grade school that moved away, and then came back in high school and now they're cool and nice and you kind of have a crush on them.

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More like treat of the week. Happy birthday, Docker!