K8s Resources: Part 2: Autoscaling all together

Hello and welcome to the second part of our series on Kubernetes resources!!

This week we bring you autoscaling all together, a bunch of articles on using the autoscaler (and related addons) together. This issue will serve as an intro to the history and practice of the autoscalers in general before we dive deep into each one.

Happy reading!

P.s. Tweet back at us your guess about which autoscaler we are going to write about next.

Issue #57

Antoine Beaupré covers Frederic Branczyk dives into the future and the past of the Kubernetes autoscalers. The hope is standardization (engineers, duh) from interfaces to metrics to mechanisms.

ADDONS - several of these are autoscaling related and go in detail about the use cases for them. In particular, read about the addon resizer - a VPA for scaling apps that use more resources as your cluster grows.

The only thing auto about autoscaling is the scaling, setting it up definitely not auto. Plus a sweet bathtub analogy.

An in-depth look and use case for using the HPA and Cluster Autsocaler together yay!

Ignacio lets us know how to save costs with HPA, VPA, and cluster autoscaler - See how the cluster autoscaler and VPA can be used in conjunction to save real cost.

@try_except_ brings us the downscaler - Ever wanted to scale stuff based on a schedule? Don’t miss out! Checkout: https://kubedex.com/autoscaling/ for more cool autoscaling tools!

Another demonstration on why the HPA and Cluster autoscaler belong together. This time with train scheduling 🚂.

A hint about next week 😉