Dear Kubernetes….

Kubernetes, you want to know what’s cool about you?

Well, there's lots. But one thing is the number of people who use you programmatically by writing code and using code. Whether it's operators or tooling, you’ve really captured our developer hearts.

P.s. If you haven’t already, check out the Kubernetes WG LTS Survey.

Issue #55

Starting as a love letter to Kubernetes (and container murder?) the Project Aetos team releases a mobile interface for Prometheus. Well done and useful!

Oh cool, rate limiting as a Kubernetes object with ambassador!

Want to use Kubernetes to run terraform? How exciting is that? Very!

There are many ways to build a Kubernetes cluster. Read this great thread to find out how people have done it from scratch.

Super excited about this registry. Their “capability level” categories are a compelling way to think about operators. If you're not into operators yet checkout their overview:

A cron-like interface for Kubernetes jobs. Krontab works by constructing a virtual crontab file from your CronJob resources and communicating changes back to the Kubernetes API. This is going to be fun.

Cool little python pod status lib for observing Kubernetes pods' statuses in real-time. Get your pod status piping hot.

YES! YES! YES! More operators in more languages!