Smarter, Cheaper, Lighter, Stronger?

As Kubernetes matures more cost savings and optimization endeavors are popping up – and this will only grow with wider K8s adoption. Specifically in this issue we have and KubeADM-AWS; in addition to some general K8s knowledge and a neat little kubectl plugin by the name of rakess. I welcome you to dive in and enjoy!

Issue #54

It’s like regular K8s with 5 fewer things… and then 5 more. But it should still make things easier on your Pi clusters, where the real K8s work happens.

Ever wanted to run K8s on AWS for $3-6 a month? Now you can with this handy config; whether it will handle your workload is another question entirely.

Not just specific to docker enterprise, and probably a good thing to read about if you’re not yet familiar with namespaces; they’re a great way to shake things up at the office and force your co-workers to beg you for access.

Interview with Google Senior Staff Eng and K8s contributor Eric Tune.

“They took our jobs”; see exactly who lost them with this government like overview “rakkess”.

Meet Grumpy: an admission controller that rejects most pods. Find out more about how admission, validation, and mutating admission controllers like Grumpy are made.

Noisy, garbage hoarding tenants, or abusive landlord, you decide: