To config or not to config

That is not actually a question. You definitely have to config in Kubernetes. This week we have collected a bunch of recent articles on configuration management, security tooling, and more to help you think through your current kubernetes practice. A special treat this week is Lee Brigs. Why the fuck are we templating yaml? Which is well supplemented by background in The State of Kubernetes Configuration Management: An Unsolved Problem.

Issue #52

Hi Pharos, thanks for making this. Secure Kubelets are important. Double that shoutout to the operator-sdk, it does make operator making easy, it does.

Why we think this is cool: Not everyone should be forced to yaml in order kube

mmmmmmTLS, cert injection with the push of an… annotation. Great! With all this new and easy to use security tooling we think Kubernetes security is really upping its game.

There is a lot that can go wrong with all the moving parts of Kubernetes. This handy tool builds up a set of tests around those more annoying things that go wrong. Plus it has a serviceMonitor+Grafana dashboard to make life even easier.

Java containers build slow. Agreed. Java dockerfiles are messy. Agreed. Want pretty java dockerfiles with minimial effort? Agreed. See Jib.

Interesting thoughts about JSON, YAML, and templating with a cool interlude into the world of jsonnet. You may not agree (warning to Helm lovers) but you will definitely leave intrigued.

Great overview of the different config mgmt tools available to us with solid pros and cons. We have been using Kustomize a lot recently and loving it, what about you?

Perfect time to become a Kubekid.