kubelist number 5 — A very special Lou Bega edition

Welcome to issue #5 of kubelist! This week, we've got comparisons, conflict, countdowns, and code.

While you enjoy browsing this newsletter, the kubelist editors will be figuring out how they can sneak a reference to Darude's Sandstorm into the next issue.

Issue #5

kubelist editors are human beings. It is not an RSS reader that feeds the RNN that generates abstract summaries which are then passed through the style transfer mode to add the kubelist voice that runs on Tensorflow. They certainly do not run on a p3.2xlarge in us-east-1.

Like all humans, editors of kubelist news letter love listicles. Here's one of your favorite best practices for Kubernetes safety.

We like to get spicy with our link descriptions. Big shout out to Trevor Pott for doing the work for us in his title. The fun continues through the entire article!

Have you heard of the Impossible Burger? It's a plant-based hamburger patty that "bleeds". That's what your editors think is going on here: manufactured beef. EKS and Fargate aren't generally available, and Fargate won't support Kubernetes to begin with. Let's give Amazon a chance.

See also the original and follow-up posts from Krishnan Subramanian. kubelist does not condone the use of potty words in blog post titles.

Sandeep Dinesh presents a great comparison of these three Kubernetes resource types, including a super helpful (and often omitted) "When would you use this?" section for each. The included diagrams are clear and concise 😚👌

We're seeing more options to simplify deployment to Kubernetes weekly. Gitkube is one of the latest. It reminds your authors of Heroku's original workflow.

Gitkube is maintained by hasura, who have a great post on their blog about how their product works, and how Gitkube fits into it.

The Pi day Kubernetes tribute

We just finished binge watching Nailed It! at kubelist HQ, so this tweet really resonates with us. It also resembles the first revisions of most of our pull requests.

For your listening pleasure