The Nautical Edition

Ahoy! Today our love of the ocean and all things nautical is in full force. We apologize in advance if this issue heads into the depths of nautically inspired k8s talk. Be prepared for a whole new level of boat-themed puns.

Issue #47

The power of K8s is extendability, and custom controllers are the key to unlocking this. Take a deep dive into the crystal blue water of custom controllers using client-go. It’s the perfect nav chart on how to get your feet wet in the vast ocean of CRD making.

What’s that, a storm is on the horizon? Sometimes you need to develop your own custom metrics to trigger scaling events. This article builds off of a series where we learn how to deal with scaling events triggered by your own metrics, using Prometheus and HPA objects. Never get caught with too much sail again.

Not sure if you're happy with how your container fleet is being utilized across your ocean of nodes? Be prepared to enter a brave new world, where you make your own scheduler. It sounds crazy, but thanks to this guide learning how to build your own scheduler is as easy as gybing. Scary at first, but powerful when practiced.

A K8s article with a birds eye view of a container ship... where have we seen this before? Okay, seriously, we shouldn’t poke fun given how corny this particular email is. But seriously, pirates are real, don’t forget about security, read this article and be safe.

A company with ocean in its name, providing Kubernetes as a service, how did we not see this coming 😉. Did we mention it gives you a chance to say fun things like “I used Helm on Digital Ocean”. I mean… really… who can resist.

Tweet of the Week

This tweet should have had a follow up with “and how quickly is running K8s on your laptop become something that voids your apple warranty”