Happy Kubernetes Holidays Edition ☸️

You’re at home now for the holidays, all filled up from your trip to Kubecon. You’re quietly drinking eggnog and coffee mixed together contemplating what open source project you are going to work on for the next 12 days… a new controller to do that deployment thing you do 5 times a day, or perhaps contributing to the horizontal pod autoscaler? So many choices. Why don’t you take a break from your open source holiday anxiety and have a little read. We’ve got everything from AI to video games to an interview on the state of the Kube.


Issue #45

The first in a three part series of “the stateful challenge“. Take a look at how cloud leaders think about stateful loads.

Wow Cool! Video game companies use the Kube? Check out how Epic Games uses it for Fortnite in this great synopsis of a KubeCon session 🎮.

More details on an epic saga of Kube M&A. It’s neat to see the why's and the how's, and speculate on what the future has in store for the Kube.

Kubernetes is quickly becoming a great tool for AI. Since we've been able to deploy jobs-type workloads on GPU container runtimes, several ML training and workload solutions have come out. At their core they tend to leverage kubernetes in the same way; Shashank Prasanna explains how.

A look at Kubernetes past and present from one of Kubernetes early founders. If you've ever complained about the complexity of Kubernetes, this article will give you some insight to consider 🤔.

Tweet of the Week

Managed K8s, living the dream.