The Final K8s Release of 2018

This week we found a few early Christmas presents under the tree that we're excited to share with you 🎄🎁.

New features from Microsoft along with some other tech influencers, cluster API stories, a bunch of awesome how to’s, and of course the greatest gift of all — version 1.13 of Kubernetes. Merry K8s-mas!

Issue #43

This release cycle focuses on stability, a common K8s theme. Be on the lookout for optimized APIs, a few major features that have graduated, improved documentation, and strengthened test suites within core Kubernetes and it’s related components.

This week Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President at Microsoft, unveiled a bunch of announcements that truly promise to help developers become “more innovative and productive than ever.” Among these announcements was their decision to donate the Virtual Kubelet project to the CNCF, in hopes of empowering the community to integrate K8s orchestration with more environments. ☸️

Dealing with technical issues managing your Kubernetes clusters? You’re not alone.

Enter Cluster Management API 🙌. Kris Nova from Heptio, Loc Nguyen from VMware, and a bunch of other well known K8s folks have been working together to build a declarative K8s infrastructure.

When Joel Speed and his team noticed that some of their services couldn’t dynamically reload configuration, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Introducing Wave, a custom controller made with Kubebuilder which ensures that updating configmaps or secrets will trigger a change within the cluster.

One problem with deploying a React app on K8s is that npm produces static files, which know nothing about K8s variables that are being passed in at runtime. Lucky for React lovers this article explains a way to make the npm static files dynamic, so that we can inject .env configurations in before serving them.

LogDNA covers the basics of logging in Kubernetes so you can focus on scaling your product, instead of scaling the logging infrastructure.

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Tweet of the Week

This week a tweet from @SabSoell lead us to this video - We'll be pausing 'All I want for Christmas' and listening to this for the foreseeable future 👌