The CNCF Graduate's Edition 🎓

This week Envoy joins the ranks of Prometheus and Kubernetes as a CNCF Graduate. This is big and important news, but it's also a great excuse to link to Vitamin C.

As Envoy ventures out into post-graduation life, we take a look at why this newsletter will make you 173% more attractive as a job candidate. Enjoy! ☸️📈

Issue #42

Did you attend Envoy’s graduation ceremony yesterday? 🎓The 2 yr old CNCF project has all devs in happy tears because now there’s a better way to abstract network from application. Matt Klein explains why Envoy had such a large turnout for their big day yesterday, compared to others in the visitor management tech space.

It's always nice to know what's in-demand for prospective employers. Good news is, you're in their crosshairs through simply reading this newsletter. Kubernetes tops the list with 173% growth in this ranking from Hiring Lab.

'More features, less problems' seems to be the AWS motto this week as they release a variety of new services & features. Among those services is InfluxData, which allows you to begin monitoring container environments in just minutes. This article does a good job of outlining InfluxData and what it means for monitoring, analytics, ML, & more.

Data scientists are yearning for portability in ML software deployments, and K8s can help satisfy that longing. Kubeflow Co-Founder David Aronchick explains how this project will help make setting up ML software production pipelines easier, simplifying the process of bringing ML models to prod/enterprise.

We love getting a history lesson as we read technical overviews. Petros Koutoupis helps you understand what life was like before containers, so you can understand the future with Kubernetes and cloud native computing.

Tweet of the Week

Why you should think about Kubernetes as a fully event-driven system.