The thankful for K8s edition

There are many reasons to be thankful for kubernetes, but for the purposes of today's issue, we’ve narrowed it down to 6 reasons why we love this container-orchestration system 🙏

We hope you’re wearing your stretchy pants because we have 6 servings sure to please your K8s palate: cross cloud kubernetes, debunking common misunderstandings, container runtimes & more. Dig in!

Issue #41

From Docker Swarm to Kubernetes, from one Kubernetes cluster to a multi-cloud configuration. Russel Seymour takes us on a journey which sheds a light on how you can configure your Kubernetes cluster across multiple cloud providers.

With Kuberentes' rapid development cycle and ever growing feature list, it’s easy to get lost. In this post, Kevin Casey does a great job of explaining some common misunderstandings about Kubernetes. Spoiler alert: it’s not always that easy!

As you know, a container runtime runs your containers 😅 Most people are used to the docker runtime but with security and performance on the line, the days of the docker engine as the default container of kubernetes may soon be over.

A cluster without monitoring isn’t really a cluster, is it? Kubernetes and Prometheus go hand in hand and so do Prometheus and Grafana. Ferenc Hernadi and Sandor Guba give us great insight as to how we can use Prometheus Labels to make dynamic Grafana Dashboards.

Kubernetes has made a big impact on the ops community, but it has not yet reached full momentum with developers. Michael Hausenblas goes over why this might be the case, and what we could potentially do to improve the Developer Experience.

Tweet of the Week

We wonder how many variations of this have been written over the years. It’s definitely better than piping a pasted secret into base64 decode.