The Ubiquitous Application of Kubernetes: Big Data, AI, ML, IT, and IoT

The rise of K8s paved the way for more innovative ideas in enterprise infrastructure, for various fields. People are craving DevOps for Big Data. Some are using K8s to build a new OS for the age of AI, others are building awesome IoT Cloud services on K8s, while the rest are figuring out ways to improve enterprise K8s integration.

Issue #40

Silicon Angle reminds us of the $50 billion worth of open-source enterprise acquisitions that happened this year, delves into how the new wave of innovation in compute infrastructure was driven by kubernetes, and gives his 2 cents on where this current will take us (hint: DevOps for data & serverless).

AI applications require complex IT environments to stitch together multiple technologies. In this article Cliff Saran looks at how Kubernetes is helping solve the orchestration problem with tools like Kubeflow, lowering the barrier of entry for data scientists.

Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform 14 is an early Christmas 🎁 for IT teams. It facilitates K8s integration with Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, and as a result allows for effective deployments and scalability on OpenStack.

In this article Cliff Saran walks us through the K8s-perspectives of IT leadership, a CIO and a developer, helping us to see Kubernetes from multiple points of view.

Learn how K8s became the backbone of an IoT cloud messaging service that can support over 5 million active connections at the same time 🤯.

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