Everything whale be alright, kubelist is here

Welcome to issue #4 of kubelist! The automation procrastination continues from last week over here in the kubelist editor's bullpen. Instead,we cleaned up the kubelist.com website mobile rendering, then googled "signs of procrastination" to see if distracting yourself with other tasks was one.

On to the links!

Issue #4

Tirumarai Selvan compares the managed Kubernetes offerings from The Big Three. Well, two of them, anyways, as AWS's offering is still in closed beta. The author intends to keep this post up to date, so it could be worth a bookmark. Everyone loves a good feature comparison matrix!

Container security is almost as hot of a topic as Bitcoin fluctuations. Aqua, one of the market-leading providers - just released version 3.0 of their security platform. If you want runtime protection, make RBAC easy or want to whitelist the images used in your cluster, this post is for you!

15 years ago, you did the impossible, and successfully virtualized your company's custom ERP system. Finally you could sunset that Pentium II box under Todd's desk, and move your new Windows 98 based VM to the cloud. You avoided immutable images by arguing that Windows 98 doesn't get any more updates anyways, and called in sick for all the meetings about Docker. Now, Kubernetes is in your organization, and you're out of sick days for the year.

Don't worry! With KubeVirt you can manage VMs in Kubernetes, and not change a thing about your ERP VM. Todd won't be getting his Windows 98 license key back for at least another 15 years.

We love Kubernetes - heck, we started a newsletter about it - but it can be all too easy to let that love and excitement lead you to a bad decision (reference: dev.to's "Rewriting Your Frontend Every Six Weeks" sticker). On freeCodeCamp, Ben Sears gives some advice on evaluating is Kubernetes is right for your business, your application, and you.

šŸŽ“Congratulations Kubernetes! The graduation proposal is worth a read in its own right. This is big and important news, but it's also a great excuse to link to Vitamin C.

Joseph Jacks distills a sentiment found within many blog posts and talks on Kubernetes. He did just announce his move to a company that wants to make money by selling a product on top of Kubernetes, so maybe he's thinking about the topic more than usual. Congratulations on your new position, Joseph!