New ‘n Old K8s Tools

K8s-related acquisition alert 📣! VMware is now a proud owner of Heptio, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how it all went down.

We’ve also have 4 other tasty scoops for ya to help with managing configuration of clusters, saving money and improving reliability with cloud providers, implementing special load balancing with gRPC, and making CI/CD happen with Amazon EKS and Jenkins X!🍦

Issue #39

Another week, another kubernetes related acquisition. VMware has decided to expand its portfolio and help with the adoption of K8s in traditional enterprise IT environments. But what’s next?

When you're faced with multiple Kubernetes clusters it becomes difficult to manage their components' configuration. With kr8 you're able to use existing Helm charts or YAML manifests and manipulate them on a per-cluster basis. A big high five to Lee Briggs and the team at Apptio!

Do you think you're spending too much money running kubernetes on a cloud provider? César Tron-Lozai covers when cheap is better than reliable, and gives some pointers that may keep your cash from flying away 💸.

In William Morgan's blog, you’ll learn why gRPC needs special load balancing & how to make that happen with a CNCF-hosted service mesh for K8s called Linkerd.

Interested in learning how Amazon EKS and Jenkins X are combined to create a continuous delivery platform, making you more productive? Of course you are 😏. This one will have you learning by doing, guiding you through the steps needed to set up Jenkins X to automate your team’s CI/CD.

Tweet of the Week

"The study of the influence that automated deployments, scaling and management of containerized apps have on a culture of getting things done." Yup, sounds about right ☸🔭.