$34 Billion Worth of News + Newfound K8s Tools

Well of course we had to mention this weeks HUGE acquisition. We don’t even need to say which one we’re talking about because we know that you know what we know 😉. Meanwhile, CFF was also making moves to get a little closer to CNCF. Oh, and while you’re here check out the new tools we found to help you step up your K8s game. (Spoiler alert. They include AWS Spot Instances & Gravity Cluster Cloning) 😯.

Issue #38

Dry like good wine, and straight to the point; just the way we like it. If you want an objective view on the acquisition, here it is.

If you’re looking for juicy details and concerns regarding the acquisition, look no further. This article will walk you through IBM’s history as well as Red Hat’s to help us understand the why’s, what if’s, and what now’s.

CFF is hoping Eirini & CF Containerization will result in bringing its open source PaaS and K8s together at last 💝. Eirini is pretty much a farewell to CFF’s Diego container scheduler & hello to K8s scheduler, while CF Containerization keeps CFF’s BOSH deployment tools. Guess CF and CNCF are finally starting to settle their differences? Only time will tell.

Spot instances for K8s allows you to save some serious cash. Read on to learn why they’ll help reduce infrastructure costs, and how you can implement them.

We all know how steep the learning curve for K8s can be. As your system gets more complex, crazy questions like “How do you run multiple K8s clusters across different environments?” come up. If you're still looking for the answer, Gravity has got you covered.

Tweet of the Week

We commend those who decide to take the red pill 🤯, but we also totally understand those who appreciate the ease of using a managed Kubernetes cluster 😅.