A Nice Mix of K8s Drink

This week we'll enjoy a nice info-rimmed K8s cocktail made up of 1 oz of popular news, 2 oz of K8s-advice, and 1 oz of dev-support 🍹. It packs a punch, including dashes of why Google is adding efforts into making Spinnaker a better cloud deployment tool, why you should use Helm to manage K8s charts, and why Apache Kafka is great for fault tolerant storage. Cheers! 🎉

Issue #37

We’ve all been there. Another day at work where we write YAML 🙇📃— it’s #kubelife. Enter Helm! Vincent-Philippe gives us {{.ReasonCount}} reasons why Helm is so great. Besides templating, it does so much more!

After making it easy to run Kafka on Kubernetes, people started wondering why would you run Kafka on Kubernetes 🤔? Gwen Shapira gives an awesome overview of why you should run your multitude of Kafka clusters in your Kubernetes cluster.

Mo’ K8s users = mo’ DevOps problems (e.g. mo’ YAML files). Google’s trying to take the lead in solving this mo’ YAML problem by investing more into Spinnaker; an open source CD platform. Will the feature of deploying without needing to manually change or manage mo’ YAML files help Google look cooler than AWS & Microsoft in the cloud computing world? Hrmm...you tell us 🤔.

Last week Joel introduced us to Kiali. This week, he’s published another great post where he explains how he adds new features to the project 🙌! If you’ve ever wondered how contributing to Open Source works from a developer’s point of view, this is for you!

It ain’t enough to simply containerize an app, deploy it on K8s, and reap the benefits of the Cloud Native architecture. Ya’ gotta take the modern leap first. This includes, but is not limited to: an external source of config, logging and metrics that make sense for you, and health checks ✅.

Tweet of the Week

To have plumbing, or to not have plumbing (when it comes to building a system) 🤔, that is the question Ryan sparked when he gave his two cents on mindless cloud-tech choosing.