Kubernetes on Kubernetes edition

If nothing else, the kubernetes community is a content MACHINE 🤖. There is always something new to learn, and that’s why we go out and find neat things for you (and provide erudite summaries 😛). One of the best things about Kubernetes is that things are often also built on Kubernetes in order to use Kubernetes. Dig In!

Issue #36

Continuous Deployment isn’t all fun and games. What happens when you need gatekeeping? Promotion implements approval in CD and now its part of how weave works.

Since the folks at OpenShift made this announcement, we're very excited to see what kind of operators pop-up. Databases are a great use-case for them, as there will be a lot to manage and automate. Keep up the good work Mongo and Red Hat!

Visualizations of traffic graphs are great. Isn’t that why you hooked up a service mesh to your cluster in the first place? But what does Kiali look like with hundreds of services? 🤯

Yo dawg I heard you like kubernetes! Here is a kubernetes native example of a kubernetes native serverless built on a kubernetes native kubernetes ☸️♻️.

Wait what — memory limits as security policy against malicious crypto mining agents? This is a really good overview of the neat security measures you can implement in k8s.

Tweet of the Week

Woah! Today we also learned this hot tip for comparing local YAML changes.