The mix-and-match edition

Kubernetes has a lot of options, so many that you couldn’t possibly include them all in your own cluster without turning it into Mr. Potato Head. In this issue we look at a few lists of neat Kubernetes tools as well as best practices when it comes to implementing them, so you can keep your cluster’s ears on straight.

Issue #35

Do you believe in DevOps? Why not? Come join the hype, hop on the bandwagon, surf the wave, you get the point! Check out how these two technologies can help your company gain greater mobility and business agility.

Service Meshes, Monitoring, Helm charts, and GitOps – sound like your k8s to-do list? Ours too. If not, read this post anyway and feel left out 🤷

Kubernetes here (cloud-native computing), Kubernetes there (enterprise adoption), Kubernetes everywhere (AI, ML, data management, distributed storage in cloud-native environments)! Haven’t ya heard? There’s been some major K8s-related vendor announcements and they all scream the same message: K8s is revolutionizing the AI and Big Data ecosystems.

Long live Kubernetes mini-tools! Seriously, a lot of k8s tools can be heavy weight and a big commitment to integrate/incorporate into your workflow. Michael's neat KRS tool is just the thing for your next slick bash script.

Traditional enterprise IT organizations are jumping on the K8s bandwagon and the biggest issue they’ll be facing is finding people who have K8s knowledge. Read on to learn about Mike Vizard's suggestion to help our fellow IT operations teams out.

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