the hungry for Subway® edition

This issue we have a mix of tools and best practices that will keep you fueled up for the week. You might notice along the way that the kubelist editors finished writing this week's issue right before sitting down to eat.

Issue #34

It can be difficult to find ways to contribute to the Kubernetes community in both technical and non technical ways. The Non-Code Contributor's guide provides an interesting framework for getting involved outside of the codebase.

Kubernetes isn't just for the enterprise. Caleb Doxsey walks us through how we can use Google Cloud to spin up a cluster for small personal projects for as little as $5. Take that Subway®, and your delicious footlong dinner options!

Sumo Logic's buzzword/60 stat is off the charts with this analysis of the future of kubernetes and cloud native. If we had $1 for every buzzword we'd basically have a Subway® party platter.

Daniele Polencic shows where your money is going to waste with some neat animations for illustrating optimizing your cluster's density. If only we could understand why he's laundering Kubernetesbucks? Maybe so he can buy some submarine sandwiches.

Borrowing inspiration from kubeadm, Platform9 has open-sourced their CLI for deploying a secure etcd cluster. Subway® if you're reading this, our editors will accept gift cards and/or coupons as compensation.

Tweet of the Week

If you think about it, Gentoo is kind of like picking the toppings on your delicious Subway® sandwich.