New Releases for all things K8s

This week the team at CNCF have been busy making improvements to our favorite container orchestrator. Below you'll find what you can expect from the updates, as well as some helpful tutorials for those who are struggling to implement a k8s admission webhook, or those who need a better tool for managing disaster recovery. Happy learning!

Issue #33

Did any of the features you swore k8s needed actually get added? Will the improvements you were wishing for really happen? Learn about the stable, beta, and alpha features coming with the next k8s update.

Good riddance to crammed config parameters & HELLO 👋 to a better way of sharing ingress controllers with Heptio’s new IngressRoute.

What should you expect in the upcoming Apache Spark 2.4 release? Bug fixes/improvements to the k8s cluster scheduler backend, and client mode support to name a few. 👀

This is for the confident ones who are ready to use K8's advanced features 🤓(which require an admission controller). If you're asking yourself "What in the world are admission controllers?", Serg explains here and even teaches you how to implement one.

If you’ve decided to use Heptio Ark you'll want to check out this article from Roman Pridybailo. This how-to-use-Ark-with-K8s-on-AWS guide will have you managing your backups and restoring whole K8s cluster resources & persistent volumes in no time.

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