Improve Your Kubernetes Self!

Improve your Kubernetes self by digging into these great articles on controllers, workflow, affinities, aribtrate 😲, and a Magic Sandbox.

Issue #30

A good ol’ Cloud Arbitrage! The idea behind spotinst is actually pretty neat: predict the killing of a spotinst - you could then turn that spot compute into reliable dedicated compute with a good scheduler ☸️😉. Throw in the fact that it's multi-cloud and we can see what all the hype is about.

Are you a visual learner? Tired of yaml after yaml after yaml? Check out Banzai’s visuals and sweet animations about taints and affinities.

If you're like us you have wasted countless hours, context switching between Terraform, Kubernetes, and Go workflows to build your Kubernetes apps. Read here to find out how to tighten up that development loop with service virtualization 😲, canarying 🐦 and infrastructure simulation👨‍🔬.

If you're a Noob-bernetes, you've probably watched over 10 videos about Kubernetes. So maybe it's time to take action and mess around with it! We're happy to introduce you to Magic Sandbox, to help you switch from being a Kubernetes watcher to being a Kubernetes Do'er 😎. Enjoy!

“You have to move the current state towards the desired state” - k8s controller

Dive into Kubernetes Controllers with Lorenzo Fontana - Informers, Handler funcs, Syncing and more!

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