We've reeled in some big fish for this week's issue 🎣

It's the third issue of kubelist! Last week we planned on automating some of the process of running kubelist. Automation is a key facet of computing. So is procrastination. We chose the latter.

This issue covers everything from business deals to kernel system calls. At kubelist, we like a balanced diet of links.

Issue #3

You've got an internal service running in your Kubernetes cluster and want to access it from your machine? Liz Rice has you covered. In this blogpost she explains how you can access a single pod through Port Forwarding and how you can access a Service by exposing it.

With containers becoming extremely popular, we've seen a massive growth in container related companies. Container Journal summed up some of the most notable acquisitions in the container industry.

On the Red Hat blog, Scott McCarty details key container concepts, like control groups, image formats, runtime engines, and lid technology that keeps your food fresher longer.

On the Heptio blog, Dave Cheney describes how to automatically configure TLS certificates with cert-manager and the Contour ingress controller. You can apply this to any ingress controller, and no longer worry about manual certificate signing requests. The future is a wonderful place.

Shadows and mesh haven't been this popular in our industry since we collectively went through that goth phase. Put on some Cradle of Filth, read this article by Christian Posta about using Istio to shadow traffic, and relive those dark times.

Tweet of the week

Another week, another good security related tweet. @tallclair provides a quick tip for preventing code from accessing the Kubernetes API. Maybe we should rename this section to Security Bytes?