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Welcome again to a super special entirely new but still the same issue of Kubelist! This week, our Editor-in-Chief went on shore to speak at Gophercon. But rest assured, our skippers didn't skip Kubelist day.

Issue #29

It's already been 4 years(!) since Kubernetes was introduced. As a testament to it's maturity, Google is donating $9M in GCP credits to CNCF! With that, we're very happy to see ongoing support and growth for the Kubernetes community and project! Thanks Google.

In this series of excellent blog posts, James Lee takes us on a journey from containers to pods and services. Ever wondered how your API requests gets to that exact container in your cluster? Or are you just curious about how Kubernetes networking works under the hood? This series is for you!

Weaveworks returns after a year to clarify and discuss GitOps in the form of a story of Alice and Bob. As said in the article GitOps doesn’t have to be a Kubernetes thing but GitOps and Kubernetes sure fit together. The idea is simple, everything declared in and only git, but the implications are so powerful for ensuring that your infrastructure and service configurations converge to one single source of truth gated by source control. Consumers of your platform only need to interface with Git. The so-called “Immutability Firewall” between CI and CD is an amazing idea - check out the article to find out why doing GitOps in Ci is an Anti-pattern

Darshan Chaudhary’s detailed notes on Kubernetes is an awesome place to just geek out on glossary and terminology. Wanted a short snippet about the Kubernetes system components? How does service discovery work again? Want an example of Jobs? Look no further.

A few of our writers work on capacity planning and scheduling problems in Kubernetes so this post is particularly interesting to us for the details inside. Common networking and ingress problems, minikube performance in local dev. Woo!

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