the surprisingly not all Google issue

Welcome to a very special not entirely Google news issue of kubelist! This week, the kubelist editors worked very hard to include information that didn't come from Google Cloud Next '18. We think we did pretty good! While you enjoy this batch of links, we'll be patting ourselves on the back.

Issue #24

The Mac using kubelist editors are massive fans of Docker Desktop and its Kubernetes support, so we're happy to see it finally land in the stable channel. Minikube will always have a place in our hearts, but we do recommend you try out Docker Desktop if you are using Windows or Mac.

On his blog, Daniel Bryant recaps a webinar he held earlier this month. Make sure to read to the bottom for links to the webinar recording, and the slides. The post and webinar outline a kind of Maslow's hierarchy for application development and deployment on Kubernetes, from just plain YAML to a custom PaaS. Where your organization lands on this spectrum will depend on many things (but mostly time and money). If you're just starting out with introducing Kuberentes to your developers, do give this post a read.

Rage is a gross overstatement. Twitter has been a very polite and interesting place (really!) after the announcement of Knative, a new serverless platform for Kubernetes. The kubelist editors are excited to give Knative a spin, and like the modularity of its components. Source to image? No thank you! We hand-craft our containers in hermetic environments using the same Cyrix M3 based beige build PC we found in a dumpster in Texas.

The original posting of this article on the Weaveworks blog slipped by us last week, so we're happy to use this republication as an excuse to include this article. The kubelist editors think there are many valid points in this article, but feel it misattributes many of the problems to the how of CI rather than the whys of imperative configuration, no version control, and poor security boundaries. These are mistakes one can make with any tool, if one tries hard enough.

While this article covers many of the announcements from Google Cloud Next '18, all under the banner of the Google Cloud Platform, the standout announcement is GKE on-prem. With GKE on-prem, Google is providing a Kubernetes distribution, and a single pane of glass management system for multiple Kuberenetes clusters (as you can view your on-prem instances through the GCP console). That's two new markets in one product!

All of these sidecars still fit on the road, so it can't be too many for a pod.