the issue with multiple versions

Welcome to a very special multiple versioned issue of kubelist! No, we're not A/B testing the content; we're just unreasonably excited about multiple version support for custom resource definitions in Kubernetes 1.11. A new release of Kubernetes isn't the only release this week, as we see another entrant into the managed Kubernetes game. Will we continue our now 3 issue strong streak of managed Kubernetes announcements next week? Time will tell!

Issue #20

Three more months in the bag and it's time for another Kubernetes release. We're most excited about the CRD enhancements, but the IPVS changes are great, too, as they will kill off an entire genre of iptables based memes. The kubelist editors are looking forward to the promised "5 days of Kubernetes" content; it will be a great way for us to slack off a bit and pad out the newsletter.

Experts agree that all managed Kubernetes products must end in KE. And so, like the early dotcom days, there is a rush on short names, beginning with single characters. VMWare has scored the coveted V for their new product. Following trends, the kubelist editors are now squatting on IKE: Ike's Kubernetes Engine.

On his blog, Marko Lukša describes the problems associated with scaling down stateful applications, and rebalancing data when doing so - Nobody's ever said state was easy! Marko includes a proof of concept controller to handle data rebalance, along with a fanstitic animated gif showing its operation.

AKA metrics-server in a nutshell. This post on the Rancher blog is a quick introduction to the emerging metrics infrastructure in Kubernetes, with just a splash of vendor specific info.

Burger King dropped it's "Have it your way" slogan in 2014. Kubernetes brings it back for CRDs. In this post, Rob Scott introduces RBAC Manager, which reframes RBAC configuration in a more terse format. The kubelist editors think CRDs are excellent for such uses as in-cluster templating replacements.

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