the fraternal twins edition 👶👶

Welcome to a very special follow-up happy birthday edition of kubelist! This week, AKS celebrates its 0th GA birthday, we look at some visualizations that would be perfect for the command station of your space cruiser, and we return to an old favorite: fear mongering about crypto hackers!

Issue #18

Following on from last week's GA of Amazon's EKS, Microsoft has now GA'd their own offering, AKS. Unlike EKS, the kubelist editors were able to try AKS before GA; it has always seemed like a solid product. Congrats on your release, Microsoft! 🎉

If you can find one of the last remaining perl developers, and ask them how to do something, they'll croak "TIM TOADY" at you. If you then ask their python developing friend what they meant, they'll explain that it was the initialism "TMTOWTDI" -- There's More Than One Way To Do It. Alternatives are good, at least to help you evaluate your own choice. The kubelist editors might not condone using Makefiles to manage your infrastructure, but we love that someone is.

The traditional truck stop snack food, Combos, combine a pretzel (or other) shell with a delicious cheese-like filling, in a way that was thought to be scientifically impossible before Nick Nellis (we assume) did it in the 1970s. Now, Nick Nellis is back, combining Istio with Vizceral making a new treat, this time for your eyeballs.

kubelist's editor of niche orchestrators thought this article was a warm reminder of Helios, which they hadn't thought of in a few years. This move seems like a smart one for Spotify, but Helios surely isn't the last orchestrator to become abandoned in favor of Kubernetes.

Kromtech provides an interesting summary of the appearance of malicious images appearing in the docker registry. The images copy names of common applications. Key takeaway: Don't run tomcat or mysql; then these fake images will be obvious to you.

Tweet of the Week

In 30 years, this will be retweeted with the caption "Only `10s kids will get it"