Kubecost and Opencost

Kubecost is a project we have been keeping our eye on for some time – and with the launch of their new project, Opencost, we thought it was a great time to bring Webb Brown on the podcast to chat. We covered a whole range of topics and highly suggest you check out the show. For this week's newsletter we are going to focus on understanding where your bills are coming from and specifically how kubecost helps figure that out. 🤑

Issue #164

Well the big news is the submission of the OpenCost project to the CNCF and the beginning of what looks like a pretty robust and useful project. This article covers the project's goals and partnerships. Very excited to see where this project continues to go!

This is the blog post that seemingly started Kubecost on their journey. They even point us to their initial inspiration in a project by Karl Stoney. While the install instructions might be out of date, it's super interesting to look at the origins of this project.

The best way to learn any tool is to get it installed and start playing with it. This article seems to be pretty up-to-date and provides a pretty good understanding of what you need to do to get Kubecost up and running. 🏃

We know a lot of readers are running pretty heavy workloads on EKS. This article from our friends over at AWS does a great job of explaining how to keep a handle on your k8s sprawl (and cost). Worth the read to see if you can’t get a bit more bang from your AWS bill. 🧾️

It’s always nice to see hard work paying off for a team. In this article Webb explains the journey of building Kubecost, and it's interesting to compare this post to the original founding post. The big takeaway is that the team is a huge believer in OSS and have really put their money where their mouth is. 💵

We love seeing what folks are doing with kubectl and the plugins they are adding to the ecosystem. This one is pretty cool, seeing the monthly cost of a project or namespace! Seriously – this is a fun one to get up and running can’t recommend it enough! 💸

Happy 8th birthday k8's, definitely not jbeda's last commit =0!