Kubernetes 1.24: Stargazer

In the lead up to KubeCon we find ourselves with a new release of Kubernetes! Congrats and a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to create and ship Kubernetes 1.24 over the past few months. Stay tuned as the major distros are probably all working hard to get 1.24 support added as soon as possible so we can all easily try out the latest bits! With the first release of 2022, we are focusing this issue on some of the new changes that are out, and trying to help you stay up to date! šŸ—“ļø

Issue #162

The long anticipated and planned removal of dockshim is upon us. With the release of 1.24 it's officially out; not much really changes but it's still good to note and be aware of. The TLDR; none of your images should have a problem from docker build but still worth reading through this FAQ to get up to speed. ā“

As SBOMs become more and more of a topic of focus for the community it's good to see features like signed container images making it in alpha state. Kick the tires on verifying image signatures to ensure you are using safe and predictable images for your software!

Iā€™m pretty excited to see this become stable in 1.24 as it really helps solve everyday issues that we deal with. Being able to schedule pods that are aware of underlying storage and can minimize scheduling retries is really powerful and exciting to see this get more traction over the next few releases. šŸ—„ļø

This feature is going into alpha state and helps when you start to have multiple clusters with the same IP ranges. As the trend to cluster to cluster / multi cluster grows, features like this will become critical to not creating difficult-to-troubleshoot scenarios.

Another good security enhancement making it into k8s as alpha is the credential provider. This is good for when flushing credentials is important or storing credentials on disk is not a viable option. As always security is a constant vigil! šŸ”‘

One big thing to highlight is beta APIs are now off by default, however there are a lot of other things to uncover. Going straight to the source (literally) is always the best place to start understanding the upcoming changes so enjoy!

Good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while =)