Tim Hockin

We had the pleasure of bringing Tim Hockin on the show to talk about a wide range of topics. As some of you know Tim is an early contributor and co-founder of kubernetes. Tim has been helping to guide our community over the last 6 years. In this week's newsletter we are gonna dive into some of the topics that we discussed on the podcast.

Issue #161

My biggest takeaway from this episode was Tim’s empathy toward the end user and how it dictates his decisions on the correct course of action in the k8s ecosystem. Tim introduced me to Hyrum’s law which is a great guiding principle for engineers. TLDR; If you build something with enough users every possible edge case will be used and abused, so keep your customers happy by continuing to support it. 😀

Tim’s current focus is on the Networking sig for kubernetes. We talked about Tim not actually having a networking background and how it has actually enabled him to approach solutions from an end user perspective rather than a what's realistic perspective. This is the place to start if you want to understand more about networking in k8s or hopefully wanna get to contributing! 🌐

For a very deep cut we go back in time to the very first kubernetes meetup in NYC where Tim did some pretty cool demos without typing a word. This tool automates command line typing and gives that real feeling without worrying your demo is gonna fall on its face. This particular repo has some awesome k8s demos you can build off of for your own demos!

We covered this a few months back but this documentary about the origins of k8s is still a must watch and features Tim quite prominently. It did not in fact win an oscar for cinematography but still sheds a whole lot of light on how k8s came to be and it’s origin story. 🎥

One must look to the past to understand where we came from and Borg really is the starting point for k8s project. Always fun to take a look at the whitepaper that started it all, obviously some of the features and functionality of Borg were for google only but it's crazy to read (skim) through this and try to understand design decisions that stayed the same and changed from borg -> k8s.

We recorded this episode the week of 1.24 being locked. While we will do a deep dive on exciting features in k8s newest release, this would be a good time for those that want to get a head start on understanding what is out in the latest stable release.

What hotel are you staying at for kubecon?! =) 🏨