Kubecon EU: Some Talks We Are Excited For

The schedule for Kubecon EU is out and there's a lot of interesting and insightful talks to uncover. By no means is this exhaustive, but we are going to highlight a few talks we will be watching and hopefully attending. There is sooo much here, so feel free to tweet @ us about other talks you think we should have on our radar. It’s kid in a candy store time! 🍭

Issue #158

Keeping an eye on service meshes is something I will be looking to do this Kubecon and I'll be starting with talk from the folks over at Xbox. Scaling a global service on top of kubernetes is the dream, so it is really interesting to learn what problems they ran into and lessons learned. 🎮

SBOM and security in general is always on our mind these days especially with the events happening around the world. Definitely feels like there are some best practices and tools I could use as a refresher if not an introduction to so very excited to brush up here.

I have to admit, my knowledge around Docker on Windows is…well lets just say limited. My Knowledge around SPIFFE is a little more verbose but seeing it in practice and in the enterprise environment it was designed for I hope will level me up! 🪟

Understanding how to contribute and maintain a CNCF project can be a bit daunting, so I wanted to find out best practices for doing it. Lots of people come on the kubelist podcast, and it's always a little mysterious what goes on outside the code, so looking forward to this talk giving me some more insights! 🧰

Let alone the amazing name/mascot of this project, tracing is of particular interest to me these days. What you can already do today consistently blows me away, really looking forward to finding out what's next for Jaeger.

Dealing with moving data and persisting data is quite a challenge, something that I have worked on for a few years now. Really looking forward to hearing about some other people’s experiences and learnings. PROTIP: Freshen up on Casandra before this one.

Everyone loves a good cheatsheet, this one is for kubectl! 🗒️