The official Kubernetes Documentary

Apparently someone hired Martin Scorsese to make a documentary about Kubernetes, and it's the talk of the town. So that part about Scorsese is a joke, but it's really well done and worth the watch, if you wanna know how k8s got off the ground and challenges it faced along the way. As your weekly resource for all things k8s / CNCF we had to make sure it was on everyone's radar! This week we are gonna highlight some of the stars of the documentary and take stock of how far we have all come as a community! ⭐

Issue #156

The definitive place to start your kubernetes journey is Kelsey Hightower’s awesome resource. Pretty confident everyone that reads kubelist knows about this one but had to highlight this fun fact: the first commit is “let the pain begin” from july 7, 2016. 🏁

Sarah Novotny is featured prominently in the documentary and played a key role in building out the k8s community. In this talk Sarah covers the strategies and concepts and the importance of avoiding Conway's law when building out a OSS project. Definitely worth the watch, lots to learn from this one! 🦸

Brian Grant, Brendan Burns, and Eric Brewer were all featured in the documentary and also helped co write this in depth article on container management. This one is super dense but a must read if you want to understand a lot of hard learned decisions we all benefit from today. I suggest reading through this on a sunday afternoon and realizing we are all building on the backs of those that figured all this stuff out first! 📚

It goes without saying that Tim Hockin has played and continues to play a pivotal role in the kubernetes ecosystem. His answers in this AMA range from personal to deep tech and is worth a scan. Some real gems in there if you are willing to fall deep enough into the rabbit hole =0! 🕳️🐇

The container wars are touched upon in the documentary, this post is somewhat of a bookend to that part of the story. More can be found in this post co-written by Dawn Chen. Dockershim being deprecated in April is something to keep our eye on and make sure we start preparing now! Bonus Fact: Dawn Chen has been working on orchestrators since 2007!

Joe and friends reminisce and get a bit deep into the origins of k8s and what it was like bringing it to life. They cover a lot of topics, and while this is from 2019, it's still worth a watch! Some fun trivia in here, including the fact that they originally wanted to call k8s “Seven” or “Locutus” inspired by google's internal orchestrator Borg. 🖖

Great guide explaining how etcd works!