New in the sandbox and other projects

Another year, another TOC meeting, and more projects to look at! We skipped the sandbox inclusion episode near the end of 2021, so we have a lot to talk about this time. In the most recent TOC Sandbox inclusion meeting, only one project was added, but there are a few other interesting projects looking to find the right place. We have everything in this issue from dev environments, production systems, and a new eBPF project!

Issue #151

After some time in the sandbox, LitmusChaos has been approved for incubation. This is a big step for a project. In case you missed it, episode 1 of our podcast was with Uma Mukarra discussing this project. It was new to the Sandbox at the time, and super exciting to see that Litmus has enough traction and adoption to move into the next phase. Congrats!

Devfile looks really early and we are pleased to see projects like this in the Sandbox. One of the goals of the sandbox is to try to get some 👀 and see if the project can gain traction. Development environments are a lot of work to maintain, and often end up built with proprietary technology. If we have a common and open standard to define at least some of this, maybe it will help uplevel all of our dev environments. 📁

Added to the Sandbox in November, this looks like an OSS implementation of a great pattern in dev environments. We’ve spent time with a few other projects (Telepresence, Okteto, and more) that are solving similar problems. Our dev environments are too complex and efforts to simplify are welcome!

Also a late-2021 addition to the Sandbox, this looks promising. Security is top of mind for many of us, and using eBPF for security is clearly a good idea. Falco has been taking a similar approach for a while and we’d love to dig into KubeArmor soon (hopefully on the podcast) to understand where it fits! We promise to try to get them on the podcast soon! 🛡️

An operator to back up a cluster. There are other backup operators and tools in the space, but K8up is a great addition to the Sandbox, so we can have an open governance model. Still a very new project, but we all know how critical backups are, and it’s exciting to see a new project in this space.

For anyone writing Rust and building an operator, this is a great project. We finally have a CNCF sandbox clear leader in the library space. Anyone using Go has had an advantage because the client-go library is so mature and complete and reliable. This now gives us the same access if we are using Rust. 📚

Thank you @lizrice for all of your hard work on the TOC for the past few years. The CNCF ecosystem wouldn’t be the same without your efforts!