The spring collection 🌷

Welcome to a very special spring fashion edition of kubelist! This week, we've got all the hottest trends, from ad-hoc code execution to accessorizing with persistent storage. Your clusters are sure to look their best this season!

Issue #15

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the Heroku of Kubernetes, or Uber but for YAML? How will you handle the worst part of any software project: the users? On her blog, Jessie Frazelle outlines a proposal for multi-tenancy in Kubernetes.

The kubelist editors love a good article from Jessie Frazelle, and this one does not disappoint.


kurun is a self-described "dirty little bash utility" that runs Go code within a cluster, similar to go run.

A personal message to anyone from Banzai Cloud: Don't forget us next time you announce something and tweet at all your favorite newsletters! 🤗

Our friends over at Spotinst present a rundown of companies in the Kubernetes space. Print this out, and make your own cloud native flash cards, for a super fun office quiz game.

On the Docker blog, Mano Marks introduces a new interactive tutorial for Kubernetes. Docker will be accepting community contributions for new tutorials, which is absolutely fantastic.

kubelist's Chief Editor of Trying New Stuff couldn't get this to work in her browser, but we're chalking it up to "release early, release often".

On The New Stack, B. Cameron Gain states the state of state in Kubernetes (nailed it). Notably absent from this article is Rook, which should be on your evaluation list if you need storage in your own private cloud or data center.

Tweet of the Week

Next up, let's see if anyone can illustrate the sidecar pattern with copies of Brendan Burns' book