Holidays are here, lets have some fun

Holiday break is upon us, eggnog, family time, escaping to your computer to do some “work”, it’s that time of year again! We thought we would take this opportunity to highlight a few fun projects that will give you that needed distraction but also might bring some value to your downtime and definitely a smile.

Issue #149

Pigs are Pods, cows are ReplicaSets, and chickens are Services. What else do you need to know? This fun interface for your cluster is probably not the way you wanna manage your server day to day but definitely worth a try and is pretty fun to boot! 🐖 🐄 🐓

[Shill Alert] Benjie’s team at Shipyard gave us a writeup on how to embed DOOM directly into your webapp with an iframe and docker compose. This yet again highlights the sheer awesomeness and power of WebAssembly but also is a 5 minute path to a pretty cool easter egg to show your colleagues when the new year starts. 🥚

Chaos Engineering has become quite popular because it’s such a great way to test both infrastructure and applications. This project takes chaos to a new level by actually gamifying what pods you destroy (and to boot it's kinda fun). Obviously don't try this on a production cluster. Or do, and let us know how it goes! 👾

Very similar to the aforementioned KubeInvaders this project is another Atari esque classic for introducing Chaos into your clusters. If you have been meaning to get your hands dirty with Unity, and you already have some clusters to play with, this might be a great project to fork. Again, we don’t recommend trying this with a production cluster! 🕹️

This project is kinda amazing, it gives you real observability while making you feel like you are using that UNIX System from the original Jurassic Park. It’s easy to install, is read only, and actually has some cool skins and animations when pods alter state. We highly suggest you check this one out! 🦖

While this article is a bit outdated, circa 2016, it's still worth a read and watch. I’m really hoping that someone picks up where this left off and gets us an operational view for our oculus quests, as it is kinda cool to navigate like you are hacking a gibson. As VR / AR becomes more ubiquitous, it will be interesting to see how it might play a role in DevOps/SRE life.

If none of these interest you for your break, make sure to check out Awesome Kubernetes and find something great to play with this break!