Container Registry Roundup

We decided to mix it up this week and go back to basics. We’re taking a look at your registry options in today's container landscape. From rolling your own local registry, to using a hosted service – there are lots of options out there. We picked six good ones, but we know there are many more! Feel free to send us some registry pro tips on Twitter!

Issue #146

The team over at Docker gave us a pretty in-depth article on setting up your own local docker registry using native docker tooling. They also walk through the basics of pulling from dockerhub. Definitely the place to get started.

Gabriel gives us an extremely thorough walkthrough of registries and how to set them up end-to-end. The sections about correctly setting up Auth and using external registries are especially helpful. 🔐

This best-practices guide from Microsoft is definitely about Azure; but most of the lessons can be applied universally. From geo-replicated, multi-region deployments to repository namespaces, this article is a great checklist for running your container infra well. 🌎

ECR has been around for a few years now, but that was not always the case. This article walks us through AWS’ offering and gives us a step-by-step guide for configuring our registries with ECR.

With the addition of Actions, Github is fast becoming an option for your entire infra stack. Storing built images close to the code itself was an inevitable addition from them – and here is the official announcement detailing their offering!

The folks over at Red Hat give us a solid writeup on configuring linux container registries (remember Docker isn’t the only container runtime out there!) This article is distro-specific but dives into the powerful registries.conf and what you can do with it, from mirroring to remapping, this article has all the tricks. 🪞

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