KubeCon 2021: Some Talks We Are Excited For

KubeCon NA 2021 is right around the corner – and we're getting pretty excited to attend either virtually or IRL with our CNCF family! The entire schedule looks amazing. This week we're highlighting a few sessions and co-located events that we are looking forward to. It’s so hard to pick just 6 to call out here – so please tweet at us some other talks y’all are excited to hear as well!

Issue #143

Supply chain attacks seem to be the security story of 2021. We will be looking to understand how the community looks at this threat – and more importantly, plans for mitigating against these types of attacks. This event is a must attend for us. ⛓️

As loyal readers of Kubelist, you know that we like to understand the various mesh solutions. This is the place to hear about the latest developments on all the major meshes. We're looking forward to trading some war stories and hearing what's next for all these projects.

Authentication between services in production is definitely important and something we are all doing, right? We have been following SPIFFE and SPIRE for some time, and look forward to learning some tips and tricks around production identity.

K8s on the edge is another big story from 2021 – there are all kinds of cool projects popping up around this area. We're looking forward to this talk that covers WASI (and other possible solutions) to compute constrained Kubernetes! 🗺️

Failures in production can be quite painful, but there is nothing like a good post-mortem to understand our peers' hard-learned best practices. We're looking forward to hearing the patterns that are emerging in the ecosystem, and taking home a few tips and tricks to avoid a bit of inevitable downtime. That’s one of my favorite things about this community – the willingness to share so we can all learn from each other. 📚

Managing databases in a cloud native world isn’t easy, but with SchemaHero (Sandbox project) we are starting to see some standards emerge. Of course, this project is near and dear to us, since it was sponsored by Replicated and admired by Shipyard.

We are excited for KubeCon, but also are cautious about the in-person event. A lot of us are planning to attend virtually, but if you are making it an in-person event, the CNCF is working hard to do everything they can to keep you safe! Take a look, review and follow the safety protocols. 😷