Kubernetes 1.22 is out and it’s a big one

Kubernetes 1.22 has dropped with a whole lot of enhancements (53) which makes it the single largest release to date! The momentum of the k8s project continues to be impressive. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Issue #138

In this official release post the team hits the major highlights and changes in 1.22. A few notables making it to alpha are cgroups v2 API, Ephemeral Containers (no relation), Windows privileged containers and Node System swap support. ⛰️

This is the first release in 2 years! In that time etcd advanced to a graduated project and the main focus of development has been around performance, security, and monitoring. With this latest release we see etcd further establish itself as a core building block of Kubernetes and more in the cloud native ecosystem. 🎓

With new releases come new deprecations. Make sure you are prepared and aware of the changes coming down the line. While most of us don’t run the latest and greatest in production, make sure to check this guide for planning.

CALENDAR ALERT! Tue, Sep 7, 10:00 AM (PDT) CNCF is hosting a webinar on 1.22. Make sure to RSVP and listen to Savitha, James, and Jesse tell you what's what. You do have to register for CNCF but we all should be doing that anyway! 📹

With PodSecurityPolicies (PSP) being deprecated as of 1.21, this is its intended replacement with a built-in admission controller that enforces the Pod Security Standards. We will be keeping our eye on this as it matures. 👀

We’ve had server-side apply since 1.14, but it’s graduating to a GA feature in 1.22! It's quite a powerful tool that allows for declarative configurations and helps enable a more collaborative k8s experience.

If you want to get contributing to Kubernetes, SIG Docs are always in need of help!